2022AW Collection “FREIHEIT”

前年の末から長く続いていたロックダウンが徐々に緩和され、街が日常を取り戻し出した2021年の夏の頃。長い間社会が閉じていた中で突然「普通の暮らし」が動き出した。そんな折に久々に街に出て友人と会い、「Was möchtest du jetzt tun?」(今何がしたい?)と尋ねたら返ってきた答えが「ich möchte Freiheit haben!」(自由が欲しい!)だった。





It was the summer of 2021, when the long-lasting lockdown from the end of the past year gradually eased and the city began to regain its daily life. After a long period of social closure, “normal life” suddenly began to unfold. When I met a friend in the city, I asked him, “Was möchtest du jetzt tun? (What do you want to do?) and the answer was “Ich möchte Freiheit haben! (I want freedom!).

The word “Freiheit (freedom)” seems to exist individually in this blind society of uncertainty. For some, it is freedom as a spirituality. For others, it’s the sense they feel at the top of a mountain away from the noise, or the feeling of being connected to the world through a screen in a closed room. Perhaps it may be something similar to rights, obtained by shouting and crying out.

-Where is freedom? –

I have decided to seek for it.

Now that the world is expanding multilaterally, the answer is no longer just one; even if one answer is given, it may become obsolete and useless the next moment. The key is to listen to various phenomena and imagine them, at times unseeingly. I believe that the “freedom” that we imagine, then, will emerge before us in a tangible manner.

Hiroyuki Murase