2022SS Collection “JOURNEY”




そこには困難や挑戦もあり、予測のつかないことが待っている。道に迷うことも、暗闇で躓くことも。Life is a journeyとはよくいったもので、人は常に旅の途中にいるのだ。



I left Japan at the age of 20 and will turn 39 this year. I was surprised the other day to realize that I have spent almost half of my life outside my home country. It all happened so fast that I never realized it, but as I recalled my memories, I noticed that I kept visiting places in the last 19 years. The landscapes I have seen, the people I have met and the things I have touched have become my flesh and blood, and will continue to be so.

Some discoveries come from deep thought, while others arise from getting away from the repetitive motions of daily life, often leading to ideas that I would never have thought of. When I step into a new place, my eyes roll back and forth, feeling the unfamiliar cobblestones on the soles of my feet as I walk down an unknown street, and my tongue chuckles as I taste something new. I feel that increasing the range of such experiences is the real joy of the journey.

People travel to find somewhere other than here. Indiana Jones I saw on TV as a child, followed by Forrest Gump in my youth, conveyed the excitement of adventure and the meaning of growing up in the midst of travel. I thought of Yaji and Kita, who walked the Tokaido highway, and how they also had passed through Arimatsu back then. Saint-Exupéry was searching for something truly important alongside a prince traveling through the stars, whilst in the present day, there are people who are forced to leave the land they are accustomed to living in and aim for a place beyond, leaving a little hope in their journey. There are people who look up at the starry sky and wonder about the journey to the distant stars.

There are difficulties, challenges, and unpredictabilities on the way; we may get lost or stumble in the dark. It is well said that life is a journey, and we are always on a journey.

We shall go on a journey again. With a sketchbook, favorite music, and passport in the bag, let’s retrieve the air and emotions that had been forgotten for a while. As if stepping out into the morning mist.

Hiroyuki Murase